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Do you find yourself with some of the obvious symptoms of TMJ?  Jaw pain, jaw fatigue or a popping/clicking sound? Less obvious symptoms include migraines, headaches, ringing in the ears and tooth or sinus pain. Once TMJ has been diagnosed Dr. Christian Zyweck, DC begins a treatment that focuses on correcting alignment, relaxing muscle spasm and reducing inflammation.

The temporo mandibular joints are the two complex joints connecting your lower jaw to your skull-located just in front of the ear canal. This joint allows very intricate movement. The anterior portion of the TMJ joint is in action during the first stages of you opening your mouth. The posterior portion comes into play as your mouth opens wider. This complex joint allows you to open and close your mouth as well as move it side to side and backwards and forwards.

Dr. Christian Zyweck, DC has had great success in helping patients suffering from TMJ and would love the opportunity to help you.  Call today for a consultation.

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